EHC Information

 Please investigate the above links to be taken to the official guidance and information related to Education Health Care plans.
At Nancealverne we follow the guidance set out by the Council and aim to hold reviews with 12 months of the previous meeting. We gather reports from the teachers and other agencies and invite these professionals to the meetings.
We generally hold the meetings on a Wednesday morning and they are held in our school Hub. They are Chaired by the Home School Liaison and can also be attended by a member of the Senior Leadership Team. Class teachers share videos or pictures of the child meeting or working on their targets.
If it is appropriate the children are also invited to the meeting to give their views on their progress or to contribute to their targets. All children complete a questionnaire that answers some questions about how they feel about school and different subjects. This is a really positive part of the meetings.
Meeting minutes are added to the EHC and sent home to the families and also sent to the Council. They will then check and authorise any changes or additions and then send the paperwork to school and the family. This can take a different amount of time but all copies are sent to families once complete.
Please contact the school if there are any questions about EHCs or the process at Nancealverne School.