Pupil Parliament

At Nancealverne we have School Parliament that is made up of 1 child from each class across the School. Every member of each class has a vote to choose a representative of the class to sit on the Parliament and have a say in crucial school decisions.
Ideas from each class are brought to the meetings and then discussed by everyone before all of the representatives have a vote to decide what is going to happen. If it is a big decision then the representatives could go back to their classes and discuss the options further before making the final decision.
To help form the Parliaments' ideas about what it I like to be a member of Parliament, we were visited by Derek Thomas, the local MP. He shared some of his experiences and tips on how to be a MP. He was very interesting.
Click on the links below for the minutes of the meetings. There is also a symbol version of each copy (please press ctrl+shift+= to rotate the page).