Work Related Learning and Enterprise Education

 Nancealverne is committed to maximising the benefits for every young person, in the development of a whole school approach to work-related learning.

The school recognises that there should be differentiation in the levels of WRL for students, and the school wishes to promote WRL as part of the learning entitlement for all students at KS4 and KS5.

The aims for work-related learning focus on the provision the school makes for opportunities for young people to prepare for adult and working life.

These include:

  • to improve educational standards through using contexts that improve motivation and attainment for all young people;
  • to ensure that young people follow courses and programmes which are appropriate to their longer-term aspirations and needs;
  • to improve young people’s understanding of the world of work and its demands;
  • to improve the quality of provision and guidance;
  • to increase access and choice for all young people;
  • to improve the transition of young people from school to adult and working life
Enterprise Learning
We recognise the importance of Enterprise Education for all young people, and once a year hold a successful 'Enterprise Week' for all classes to take part in. Last year, this was linked to the Christmas Fayre and a competition to make and sell items for a profit at the fayre - please see below for more details.
This year, we hope to build on the skills of profit making and enterprise and hold the week in the Summer Term to link to our annual Summer Fayre and Barbecue. 
Nancealverne School is working with other schools in the Special Partnership Trust to develop enterprise links with the local business community, and develop an enterprise champions role.
A review of our current Work Related Learning and Enterprise activities can be found below.