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Palm remote learning offer

Welcome to Palm Class

Remote Learning Offer

Welcome to Palm Class and to our remote learning offer for this term.Whilst many of our pupils are back in school, we know that, for some, this still isn't possible and our aim is to replicate the class offering within the home environment so that pupils still feel part of the class. To do that we are following the same timetable in school and at home to allow all students to continue to participate and learn together, at the same rate. In class and online/remote learning activities will be supplemented with personalised remote learning books and activities to engage learners.

We will be sticking to our usual routines as far as is possible and there is an expectation that all students will access learning in whatever form is most appropriate for them. Learning outlines for the half term and timetables are displayed on the Class page of the remote learning tab, with links to websites and activities relevant to the half term's learning. More detailed differentiated activities will be given out daily through a mixture of Class Dojo, email and regularly updated practical activities/remote learning books sent home. Any resources that pupils need will be sent home as required, or alternative suggestions offered.

In addition, there will be a daily video on Class Dojo explaining the learning to parents and pupils, and opportunities for pupils at home to join live lessons where appropriate.We also offer regular opportunities for socialisation via Zoom through a mixture of more formal circle times and casual chats/catch-ups with friends.

It is really important that students continue to read every day (as they do in school) and to access phonics sessions at least 3 times a week. Our timetable includes maths and english every morning, with topic/foundation subjects in the afternoon, but we appreciate that you may access learning at different times.

To keep in touch (and for you to get in touch with me), we will continue to use the messaging feature on Class Dojo and email. Please send completed work back to me at the end of each day so that we can review, provide next steps for learning and celebrate achievement.

Please see below for information about our focus this half term and don't hesitate to get in touch if you need any additional support or just have a query.

Kind regards,


Hello all

This half term we are encompassing "All Things Local". In English, we are staying with Cornwall, but moving on from stories to non-fiction, writing a leaflet about our local area and we do hope to visit lots of nearby places to help us. In maths, we're moving on from measures to work on multiplication and division - there'll be lots of counting and making groups, so get your resources ready!

In Science, we're finishing our work on dinosaurs (Biology) to look more closely at rocks and soils (Chemistry) and this will link with our Geography topic on coastal erosion and beach studies. In music and RE we will be looking at St Piran. For our DT slot, we have been promising a 'fake away' project - so, here it is - desgining and making our own 'healthy' take away product. Finally, in Art, we will be working on collages using found objects from our travels, but will begin with some mod-roc sculpture.

It all sounds very exciting!

As always, please check Dojo/email for detailed daily work. This will be supplemented with concrete resources sent home and zoom meetings/lessons to share and develop ideas. I will also be providing links to resources used each week here on the website, plus a weekly overview of what we're doing.

Kind regards and please don't hesitate to get in touch if you need anything at all. My email is or you can Dojo me.


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