Class 4

Welcome to Class 4
Class 4 is the oldest class in the primary school and the children are between the ages of 8 -11. We have a great group that love Art, English and Science. We learn about lots of different things such as the Vikings, Chritsian parables and the weather in science. In English we are studying the firework makers daughter.  
Our classroom is right next to the hall so we are usually the first class to get ready for dinner! We have a lovely round window in our room and a door that leads right on to the playground so we are usually first out to play too.

There are 4 teaching assistants and 1 teacher. We currently have nine fantastic children. Now we are in the upper part of the Primary some of us go to the leisure centre for swimming lessons and some of our friends go horse riding every week.  
We try to focus on our sensory learning every day and this leads to some very fun (and messy) sessions. Some of the children also have support from occupational therapists so we have lots of exciting activities to do too.
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