Class 6

Welcome to Class 6 


Class 6 is the first class in Key Stage 3. In lower Key Stage 3 we set the scene and begin the secondary phase of pupils' education.  We aim to consolidate skills learnt in the primary phase and set new targets and learning goals for the next stage of learning.  Across Key Stage 3 we follow the National Curriculum, adapted for our learners.  We encourage pupils to develop greater independence and seek to prepare them fully for the next stage of their learning journey.

Working closely with our upper Key Stage 3 class, we ensure that progression pathways are clear and that students reach their full potential, allowing a smooth transition into Asdan qualifications in Class 7 and beyond.

 Class 6 2018-19


We have 1 pupils in class full-time, with 1 more joining us regularly for sessions. Nikki is our teacher and we have 3 teaching assistants: Sam, Beth and Steph. In class we follow the National Curriculum, specially adapted for all our pupils using a multi-sensory approach. We use objects, pictures, signs and symbols to support our learning where needed, whilst encouraging a high level of verbal interaction - sessions are lively and interactive.

We are the first secondary class in the shool and so try to take on more responsibility and start to become more independent in our learning.  We run the school tuck shop, which gives us valuable opportunities to participate in real life learning and to have fun as well!  We do our own shopping, cooking and money management, with jobs shared out amongst the class so that everyone is able to contribute. 

In addition to our formal learning, we visit the Leisure Centre regularly for swimming and have opportunities to take part in a range of activities including gymnastics (at the local Gym), horse riding and stable management (at Old Mill Stables), plus a timetable of sporting activities often involving other schools. We also like to get out and about as much as possible.

In class 6, we decide our own rules and earn stickers, dojos and the treat box as rewards.  We earn epic dojos for doing homework!



Spring Term 2019
For the first half of the Spring term our topic was Superheroes.  We describe and made our own Superheroes and then wrote comic strips about them.  We also explored space and the planets in science.
This half term we are studying 'all things local'.  We will be exploring our local area for history and geography and writing recounts for English.  In addition we will be singing Cornish songs and making and writing Cornish recipes. 

Local Neolithic Sites
In March we visited both the Merry Maidens (near Lamorna) and Lanyon Quoit for our topic work.  We were very impressed with both but particularly enjoyed the legend of the Maidens dancing on a Sunday and being turned to stone.  We role-played the scene and had a picnic as the weather was so glorious (in March too!).
Autumn 2nd Half 2018
This half-term we are travelling back in time to Britain in the 1940s.  Our topic is the Home Front and we will be immersing ourselves in the era from the music and dancing to getting down into an Anderson shelter and rationing.  Please check the topic web for more details and keep checking for photos and updates. In the immortal words of Vera Lynn, "We'll meet again....."
Autumn 1st Half 2018
This half-term we have had lots of fun in science with chemical reactions - we've been exploring lotions and potions and making our own 'medicine'. We have been studying George's Marvellous Medicine and have all really enjoyed listening to the story, acting it out and retelling it to our friends.  We also celebrated Roald Dahl Day with boiled cabbage (recommended by George's Grandma) and lots of nice things too - although some of us really liked the cabbage!
In art we have produce some wonderful portraits inspired by Digital Artist Anthony Gerace.  
Spring Term 2018
In the first half of the Spring term we read War Horse - a fantastic story from Michael Morpurgo.  We made our own horse's head puppet out of withies and used it in our role-play activities to develop understanding of the story.  We also watched the film and wrote a review.
In the second half we explored Africa - we retold lots of African stories, explored different countries and the different ways of life.  We found out that Africa is a continent with lots of diversity.
Trip to Geevor Tin Mine (April 2019)
We had a fabulous trip out to Geevor today.  Many thanks to Mark for showing us around and playing the accordion for us at the end - it was great (have a look at the video below).
Ukelele Sessions
In the Spring we had a great opportunity to learn the Ukelele.  In the sessions we learnt notes and chords, sang and composed - it was fab!
Again, in the Spring term, some of us have been going to a local Gymnasium and working towards our Grade 8 badges. 
Christmas 2017
For our Christmas Fayre we focused on Greece (each class chose a different country to look at).  We linked up with a school on Crete and exchanged information about our different celebrations - this was fabulous!  It looked lovely and warm there.  We also used the internet to find out lots of other information and presented it using Powerpoint and Word.  For the performance we made a video of Greek traditions which included singing, dancing and a dramatic re-enactment of Epiphany celebrations. 
Autumn Term 2017
This term we focused on all things Harry Potter. We made potions and spells and used lots of drama and role play to bring the story to life.  We also described characters, wrote our own spells and made our own slime.  We really enjoyed this topic!