Class 7


Welcome to Upper KS3:

Class 7 is the upper class of Key Stage 3.

In upper KS3, (Class 7) we enhance and develop the next part of your child’s learning journey. Setting new and challenging targets through the development of the KS3 curriculum, whilst deepening understanding of concepts and skills.

 Upper KS3 enables your child to secure their learning of lower KS3 skills whilst setting new targets and learning goals for their next part of their learning.

 Upper KS3 also enables your child to make links with KS4 learning through the ASDAN qualification path ways. Your child will gain qualifications throughout KS3 that will ensure they continue to progress in depth of knowledge and skills whilst acquiring higher qualifications through KS4.


 Class 7.


Class 7 has 10 pupils and 5 adults. Caroline is our teacher and we also have 4 teaching assistants called Beth, Debbie, Phil and Ann -Marie


We are a very responsible class and as a team we decide on our class rules. This then ensures we follow our rules and help others to follow them too! We earn stickers, dojos and the treat box as rewards and are often seen or heard talking about our fantastic behaviour.


We LOVE to learn in class 7 and we really like the varied and exciting curriculum. To develop our learning further we have decided to complete weekly homework. 


Caroline sets us our homework on a Friday and we have a week to complete it. Our homework could be reading or a piece of work that will extend the learning we have completed in class that week. 

We earn class dojos if we complete our work on time! 


We hope you enjoy looking at our web page. If you would like to leave some feedback please do so, because we are always wanting to improve what we do! 




Meet the team!
The children in the class 7 have recorded what they think of the staff. We were brave enough to put them on the web page.
Class 7 learning: Take a look at our learning. Remember to keep popping back for half termly learning updates.
Please find below a range of maths games we use in class to support our learning. 
Take a look and challenge your child to a game. They love the challenge! 
Spring term learning 
As part of our English Biography writing the children spent time researching into famous Britons.
They found detailed information, images and bizarre facts and placed them into a power point presentation as a way to present their biography to the class.
Take a look and see what you think.  
In English we have also been learning about instructional writing. As part of our learning we have been sequencing pictorial instructions and then we have been assessing our skills to ensure we have ordered the pictures in the correct sequence. From there we use practical activities to ensure we can apply our learning to real life situations. 
Coco's adventures in class 7
Sensory and Communication sessions using Tac Pac
In science and PSHE we have been learning about health and well-being. We have been identifying ways we can remain healthy or improve our health. 
We have identified the different food groups that support our health and have sorted healthy and unhealthy foods. 
We have been challenging ourselves by improving our physical activity and supporting others by identifying how we can make people happy
Coming soon! 
Tips on how to be happy and healthy
Autumn term 2018 
Previous learning in class 7: 2017-18
We have been researching into the various festivals around the world. Today we looked at the Chinese new year, click on the video link below to watch the power point that helped us complete our learning. 
Keep an eye out for further links to festivals around the world. 

  • We used Hurricane Ophelia to our advantage and made kites. We then spent time in the wind flying them.
  • We had a great time!
Golden time: where we are rewarded for our fantastic behaviour and learning.
Celebrating Roald Dahl Day, with George's Marvellous Medicine.
What can we do to help you with pesky teachers?
Our Wonderful trip to Goonhilly Earth station
Parental engagement