Class 7


Welcome to Class 7


Class 7 is the upper class of Key Stage 3. Class 7 has 8 pupils and 4 adults. Caroline is our teacher and we also have 3 teaching assistants called Beth, Debbie and Phil. 

We are a very responsible class and as a team we decide on our class rules. This then ensures we follow our rules and help others to follow them too! We earn stickers, dojos and the treat box as rewards and are often seen or heard talking about our fantastic behaviour.

We love to learn in class 7 and we really like the varied and exciting curriculum. To develop our learning further we have decided to complete weekly homework. 

At times Caroline sets us our homework on a Friday and we have a week to complete it. Our homework could be reading or a piece of work that will extend the learning we have completed in class that week. 

We earn class dojos if we complete our work on time! We hope you enjoy looking at our web page. If you would like to leave some feedback please do so, because we are always wanting to improve what we do! 


Meet the team!
The children in the class 7 have recorded what they think of the staff. We were brave enough to put them on the web page.