Remote Learning Offer for Elm Class. 
All of our remote learning offer is linked to our class learning at this time, so that children who are at home can take part in the same learning as their peers, at their own pace. Each area of remote learning has a red subheading to help guide you to the correct resource. 
Class Dojo links for all 
Updated 18th February 2021
Thank you to all who are completing home learning activities and sharing your learning with the children in school, via class dojo. We really enjoy seeing you over zoom and teams and its lovely to hear what you are all doing each day. 
During these unpredictable times, some pupils may be unable to attend school, either full time or even at all during a government lockdown, therefore, we are putting our current learning on this page, so children not accessing school can still be following the same learning journey as their peers. Learning materials have also been sent home to support your child, including links to timetables and resources. 
Class Dojo will be used to facilitate home/ school communication and the setting of differentiated work.
Daily updates and messages can be sent through Class Dojo and work activities and resources will be sent home to children who are remaining at home and those who are not in class full time. 
This will be set and marked by Caroline and will enable celebration and next steps to be continued just like when we are at school. 
Below you will find links to resources that will enable your child to revisit specific areas of our learning, as timetabled and further extend their learning during any potential absence. 
At the very bottom of our class page you will also find interest information, a place for children to watch daily Newsround clips, complete daily exercise and wellbeing challenges and other resources that they might find interesting. We hope you like them. 
In English we are focusing on information texts
We will be creating our own information leaflets to help others to become more mindful and will be creating leaflets showing how to care for plants, animals and our local environment. 
Please find links below to support our learning. 
Differentiated learning activities will be provided to parents weekly through Class Dojo and will be marked when your child comes to school, on their selected days. Concrete resources are also available to support learning and have been sent out to pupils. 
Information texts: leaflets 
In Elm class this half term and as part of our maths offer and remote learning offer we are focussing on Fractions, time and measure, this links to length, perimeter, area and mass. 
Please find links below to support our learning, including interactive games.
Differentiated learning activities will be provided to parents weekly through Class Dojo and will be marked when your child comes to school, on their selected days. Concrete resources are also available to support learning and have been sent out to pupils. 
Emotional health and wellbeing activities, these will remain on the webpage as are the most important part of your child's development. 
In PSHCE we are learning all about living in the wider world and will be looking at our strengths, our similarities and our differences. We will be reflecting on our feelings and how we, as a community can help others. This links to previous learning so I have also kept our relationships links here just in case your children require it. 
In Science we are learning about Plants, photosynthesis, life cycles and interdependence
below are resources you will need to support your learning. 
Work will be sent home via the post and work should be completed at home, via live teaching sessions and will be marked when your child is in school, or if not accessing school currently, the team will complete a live marking part of the learning session. 
In ICT we are continuing with emails and are also working on coding, so I have kept the being safe and respectful online resources on here too, as I feel your child will need to recap, ( as we do in class) each half term).
Email and coding information will be send via class dojo weekly 
Topic Learning 
This term we are learning about our local area. We will be spending time in different places on our community and identify why what we love about our community, we will create our own maps using grid reference and will use map keys to help identify the places of interest in our area. We will then create information leaflets to provide our community with places to visit when out and about.  
Our topic work links heavily with our English work so resources for both topic and English can help your child achieve their learning goals. 
General classroom information 


Welcome to Elm Class 


Elm Class is the upper class of Key Stage 3. Class 7 has 11 pupils and 5 adults. Caroline is our teacher and we also have 4 teaching assistants called, Phil, Debbie, Carly and Becky. 

We are a very responsible class and as a team we decide on our class rules. This then ensures we follow our rules and help others to follow them too! We earn raffle tickets, stickers, dojos and the treat box as rewards and are often seen or heard talking about our fantastic behaviour.

We love to learn in Elm Class and we really like the varied and exciting curriculum. 

At times Caroline sets us our homework on a Friday and we have a week to complete it. Our homework could be reading or a piece of work that will extend the learning we have completed in class that week. 

We earn class dojos and raffle tickets, if we work hard and complete our work on time and can exchange those reward points for prizes. 

We hope you enjoy looking at our web page. If you would like to leave some feedback please do so, because we are always wanting to improve what we do! 


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