Evergreens - Lower Sixth Form

Welcome to the Lower Evergreens (LEGS)
The Lower Evergreen Class is primarily our Key Stage 4 class.  Students are therefore usually between fourteen and sixteen years of age.  This year there are ten amazing students in the Lower Evergreen Class. 
During their time in the Lower Sixth Form these students will continue their accreditation journey and their personal pathways that prepare the learners for their next stage, namely the post 16 provision that is best suited to meeting the students' individual needs.
Students learning at pathway 3 and 4 will develop key functional skills in maths and English by studying differentiated ASDAN Short Courses in English and Maths.  Learners will also follow ASDAN short courses to gain experiences in a range of foundation subjects.  This means that we are able to offer a nationally recognised accreditation in wider curriculum areas and key life skills opportunities (Further details are available in the attached documents below).
Students learning at Pathway 1 and 2 are offered a child centred approach to learning where skills linked to the preparation for adulthood areas within the EHCP are embedded within the whole learning experience, ensuring that these students are prepared for their next stage.  Nationally recognised certification in English and Maths is also offered, through the use of the ASDAN 'Towards Independence' course.
All students will also access opportunities linked to work related learning, including individual work experience.
Meet the Team!
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