Evergreens - Lower Sixth Form

Welcome to Lower Evergreens (LEGS)

Lower Evergreen Update
5th April
Hi all,
I hope you are all well and continuing to enjoy your time off school in this glorious weather.  I hope you have been enjoying the story 'In Darkling Wood' during the holiday and have managed to try some of the websites and activities I shared.  Max has shared some photos and a video of himself and Belle exercising and working on key skills, so has earned three marbles for the 'Virtual Marble Jar' (take a look at the Marble Jar section of this page).
Today is Palm Sunday a special day in the Christian calendar and sees the start of Easter week.  Easter is about new life, hope and celebrating those special moments in spring where the long hard winter can be forgotten.  This seems more significant than ever this year, so I would like us to try to do something together to celebrate.
Our challenge this week is to create an Easter wreath and to display it on your doors, with a message to say thanks.  You might want to thank the NHS staff, or care workers; you might want to thank the post-person, or delivery drivers, who make sure you have everything you need at home; you might want to thank your family for working together.
I will be making mine today and will post a video to show you how I get on.
Have a brilliant day and I will see you soon

Lower Evergreens Update
30th March 
Hi all,
I hope you had a good weekend.  Today is the first day of the Easter Holidays, however in a time of uncertainty I feel keeping in touch and maintaining a sense of familiarity might be important.  I plan to read a story each day and update the web-page with any of your achievements.  I have also added a range of online resources that you might like to try in the coming weeks.  I then plan to continue with daily activities after the Easter Break.
Thanks you for all of the pictures and emails that you have sent so far.  I look forward to receiving and sharing more over the Easter Break.

Lower Evergreens Update
27th March
Hi all,
It's Friday! And it's our last Friday of term.  This evening is the official start of the Easter Holidays.  Our 'Feel Good Fridays' have been a real highlight of the week this term and I thought today we should do something that makes us feel good.
I am going to show you how to bake Easter cupcakes.  Baking is something we have done this term to celebrate and feel good.  Baking is also a skill for life, so you will be hitting two of your timetable activities if you join in with some baking today.
I will also be adding a 'Virtual Marble Jar' to the page today.  I will use it to help celebrate your achievements while you are away from school.  It will also be a part of the page where you can share your kind words and thoughts for each other (if you email me a message I can add the message to the Marble Jar slide show to share with your friends...there will obviously be extra marbles for sharing your messages).
Have a brilliant day

Lower Evergreen Update
26th March 2020
Hi all,
Hope everyone is feeling okay today.  It has been a very different week and I am sure that we have all had different feelings about being home and some of the things we might have heard in the news.  I would therefore like us to think about our Mental Health today and to do all we can to share our feelings and do some of the things we have learnt about mental health to make sure we feel okay.  This term we looked at three things that can help you to feel mentally healthy and we are going to think about using them to help today:
Take a look at the feelings symbols (underneath this message) and talk to someone else in the house about how you feel and about how they feel.  Can you do anything to help each other?
Positive Thinking
If you notice that you are having sad thoughts, try to think about the positives.  For example turn 'I can't go to school and I am stuck at home' into 'Extra school holiday and the sun is shining'.
Take some time out where you are just thinking about the activity you are doing.  There are lots of really good mindfulness videos on YouTube, why not try to listen to one whilst laying in the garden?
I am going to make a video about being mindful in the garden today.  I hope you enjoy.
Please send any pictures and ideas to my email aoneill@nancealverne.org.uk and NOT the class email (I have had to close that email for a while).

25th March 2020
Hi everyone,
Yesterday I managed to talk to quite a few parents and it sounds like we are all so far enjoying our time off school.  I was able to let these parents know about the activities and videos that are being added to the web page.  
I shared my idea to use the class email to get in touch with each other and share news.  To get onto the email you will need to search for outlook and then add the class email - class8@nancealverne.org.uk 
I shared the password with the parents that I have spoken to so far and will try to share it with everyone else during the day today.  Don't worry if you can't log on to this email account, you can always send messages, pictures and videos from a different account and I can share them on the webpage.
I am looking forward to seeing your rainbow pictures from yesterday's 'Learn Something New' activity.
Today is looking like a beautiful day, so today's 'Skills for Life' activity will hopefully get you outdoors as we learn how to wash a car.
Take care and keep in touch

Class Update 23rd March
Hi all,
In this this time of school closure and uncertainty, we would like to use our class web page to offer a place where students can find a degree of familiarity, by sharing videos, news and achievements.
Regular videos will be posted for the children to watch and use.
Students will also be encouraged to email personal experiences and achievements to the class teacher who can then upload to this page.  This will help to create a sense of community in a time in many other ways we are required to be distant.  My email is aoneill@nancealverne.org.uk please do not hesitate to get in touch and share any pictures, or news.
The slides below share an example of some of the ideas and resources that will be shared to support the students at this time.

Class Update Friday 20th March
Hi all,
We have had a really unusual couple of weeks in the Lower Evergreens.  Lots of staff and students have been off school and people have been feeling worried about the Coronavirus.
In class we have Persevered and stayed positive, which Rachel demonstrates beautifully in the video below.
Enjoy the video and we hope it makes you feel a bit happier.

Here are some more examples of us being brave!
The Lower Evergreen Class is primarily our Key Stage 4 class.  Students are therefore usually between fourteen and sixteen years of age.  This year there are ten amazing students in the Lower Evergreen Class. 
During their time in the Lower Sixth Form these students will continue their accreditation journey and their personal pathways that prepare the learners for their next stage, namely the post 16 provision that is best suited to meeting the students' individual needs.
Students learning at pathway 3 and 4 will develop key functional skills in maths and English by studying differentiated ASDAN Short Courses in English and Maths.  Learners will also follow ASDAN short courses to gain experiences in a range of foundation subjects.  This means that we are able to offer a nationally recognised accreditation in wider curriculum areas and key life skills opportunities (Further details are available in the attached documents below).
Students learning at Pathway 1 and 2 are offered a child centred approach to learning where skills linked to the preparation for adulthood areas within the EHCP are embedded within the whole learning experience, ensuring that these students are prepared for their next stage.  Nationally recognised certification in English and Maths is also offered, through the use of the ASDAN 'Towards Independence' course.
All students will also access opportunities linked to work related learning, including individual work experience.
Meet the Team!
Pictures of Me
This term the students started their learning journey by producing a piece of art that shared important information about themselves within a striking image.
The students learnt to select images, change colours, remove backgrounds and combine text and graphics in order to produce their final image. 
They also learnt that they can achieve amazing things with the right belief and support.