Evergreens - Upper Sixth Form

Welcome to Evergreens - Upper 6th Form
Class Update 23rd July 2020
Hi all, 
I hope everyone is doing well, and continuing to keep safe - today is the last day of the school year - and what a strange one it has been!
Thank you to everyone who took part in the Virtual Prom - both at home, through sharing pictures and ideas and those who took part in school. We will put everything together as a slide show, but please email me pictures of what you got up to!
During the Summer break, if you need anything at all, or would like to share photos and pictures of what you have been doing at home please continue to email me as I would love to see them! 
My email is nthomson@nancealverne.org.uk.
The slides below (at bottom of the page underneath the photos) with ideas for home activities will continue to be on this page for you to access during the Summer. There are website links attached to each section also to give you ideas and activities. 
Our weekly video chats with the class have been brilliant - so lovely to see everyone and say hello. A big thank you to everyone who has joined in each week.  
Thanks, keep safe and well and keep in touch and have a lovely Summer Holiday!

We cater for the oldest students in the school, and provide the learning environment for young people aged between 16 and 19 years. We are very lucky to have a whole section of the school to ourselves, which means we can divide into our activities daily and join together at key times during the week with Lower Evergreens  for Work Related Learning and Sports and Leisure activities.

We are working towards qualifications as and when we leave school; This is really important to us, as it means we can move on into adulthood with the best options possible – some of our friends last year went to college, and others joined adult resource centres to develop their work skills even more.

Naomi is our teacher and she is helped by Tracie, Julie, Sue W and Sue Wilks – meaning we can spend a lot of our week out and about in the local community, enjoying school based work experience and practice skills we need for our adult life in the local area.

We hope you enjoyed looking at our web page – and enjoy looking at what we do. You are welcome to come and visit us in school and ask us about our learning!

Pathways Learning
As we enter the Sixth Form, we are supported to choose the right Pathway for us. There are four Pathways and each one provides us with different qualification options, our curriculum offer and the support we have for Work Related Learning and Careers advice. 
There is more detail about our Pathways on the page 'Post 16' which is under the Key Information section on this website. 
Please take a look at our Offer information too - it talks about what we will learn, how we will develop and the qualifications we can work towards for English, Maths and Life Skills. 
TIS (Trauma Informed Schools)
As a class team, we are aware of the practices of TIS and embed activities and games in to our everyday work.
We have the opportunity to use the expertise of our TIS practitioner who is available to work with children as well as offer us advice when needed.
For more information on TIS and it's use throughout the whole school, please see https://www.nancealverne.org.uk/web/trauma-informed_school/489253 or contact us at school.