Healthy Me

At Nancealverne School we thrive to be healthy. We enjoy a range of activities to help us keep healthy, boost our self-esteem and enable us to improve on our health and wellbeing.
Take a look at our pictures and comments to see what we've been up to.
Today Cheryl from Cornwall Healthy Schools attended our sports day to present pupils and staff with our Healthy Schools award. 
We offer weekly healthy afterschool clubs that promote; healthy eating, social and emotional development and sport, this also includes dance.
Our weekly clubs offer the following:
Monday: Drama or coding club
Tuesday: Dance
Wednesday: Multi-sports
Thursday: Cookery club
We develop our skills in sport and dance through specialist coaches visiting the school and we have opportunities to gain ARTs awards for dance.
We also ensure all pupils swim at least once a week and offer horse riding sessions to focus pupils, in order to support emotional wellbeing and social skills development.
All pupils gain a sense of achievement and enjoy time in all sessions.
Mencap: Round the World Challenge 
Nancealverne School and Mounts Bay School are working together to complete 20 hours of physical activity. 
Today; the launch day, saw them training with the Pirates. 
All children challenged themselves and thoroughly enjoyed the session. 
Keep an eye on this web page to see our next adventure. 
Another day at the office! 
Today the Mencap team went to Grantie Planet. The children supported each other in climbing and safety aspects of the climbing session. They all had great fun and challenged themselves to reach the top of the climbing wall. 

The pupils in KS3 have been working alongside Mounts Bay students to complete the next stage of the RTWC. They have recently been to long rock gymnastics and have also completed a dance session. 
Sports around school and in the community
Developing our striking and fielding skills with Cornwall Sports Partnership
Table Cricket Sessions:
Getting ready for interschool competitions at Truro Cricket Centre.