Home-School Liaison Representative


Natasha (Tash) Stone is the Home School Liaison for the school. As most of our pupils come into school by bus, we appreciate that parents don’t have the same opportunities to share information or obtain advice. The aim of her role is to bridge the gap between home and school.


The role is constantly evolving, some of the key roles are providing support and information to parents and carers, as well as signposting to other agencies and professionals and liaising with a variety and range of organisations and professionals to best support families.


The role also includes supporting at TAC meetings, acting as Lead Professional if requested, organising parent coffee events and workshops to support parents in supporting their children. Tash also produces a fortnightly newsletter which contains important school diary dates, information on local support groups and articles on class trips and activities.


Tash has a lot of experience working with children with autism and social communication difficulties, she also has a lot of experience using and setting up PECS Picture Exchange Communication System.


Tash can be reached by email hsl@nancealverne.org.uk or via the main school office telephone number 01736 365039.