Welcome to Juniper Class.
 Juniper Class is the oldest class in the primary school here at Nancealverne and the children are between the ages of 8 -11 years old. We have a wonderful mix of smart, funny and caring students and staff who are driven by teamwork, problem solving, fun and creativity.

 There are 3 awesome teaching assistants and 1 teacher who leads Juniper class. We currently have 9 fantastic children. Our students study an array of subjects across the curriculum including, phonics, Maths, science, RE and History and our class offer is bursting with a variety of practical opportunities such as: swimming, horse riding, soft-play, art, cooking, gymnastics and dance.

 Our beautiful classroom is our gateway to inspire our students and we pride ourselves in our aspirational, colourful and interactive displays which really help our student’s creativity to ignite. We are currently building Mythical creatures for our display on Greek Mythology. Our room is right next to the hall so we are usually the first class to get ready for dinner, and we have doors straight out onto our lovely playground so we also get to make the most of being outside too! 

 We try to focus on our sensory learning every day and this leads to some very fun (and messy) sessions, but we also have a structured cross curricular time-table which helps to prepare our students for further Key Stages in their educational journey. High expectations and aiming high is key!

Have fun exploring our wonderful class!



Autumn 2020

 In these unpredictable times students may need to isolate and stay at home over the coming months. If this happens with your child then the information below outlines the home learning work, tasks and ideas and links to the curriculum in class.


  The remote learning offer for those students in KS2 focuses on English and Reading, Maths, PSHCE and well-being. It will also offer some materials linked to the topic of that half term.


 Class Dojo will be used to continue to communicate with parents and carers and new logins are being formed for all new students. This is the best platform to contact Jodie and the Juniper team and the best way to share completed work. The team will aim to send messages and information on a weekly basis to those families who are at home.


  Also further down this web page are the full list of activities and ideas which were shared during lock down in March-September. These activities are still very relevant to the curriculum we study, and so can also be used.



Remote Offer Learning Resources for English and Reading:
The class read every day after lunch- either their book of interest from the library or their phonics ability linked reading book. Encouraging them to read each day is essential to keep their reading progress. They can share books from home- picture books or fiction and non-fiction, magazines and access the websites below which contain books for their individual level. Jodie and the team can advise which on line books they will be able to access, but also being read to is a brilliant way of expanding knowledge and a love of literature.
The class has 20 minute phonics session on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday- the team will share the sound or words your child is focusing on. Below are some ReadWriteInc resources for SET 1 and some websites with fun phonics games which your child can work through the levels up to their upmost ability. 
Finally, our topic is Greek Mythology and we have been focusing on Non-fiction writing creating fact files about Gods and mythical creatures, travel writing and creative writing by designing our own creatures, heroes and re-telling the famous myths of Medusa, Theseus and the Minotaur, Pandora's Box and King Midas and the Golden Touch.
Our Focus for Autumn term has been Greek Mythology. Some great resources can be found on the BBC BITESIZE page on the link below and there are also some brilliant animations of the myths on YOUTUBE if you search 'Greek myths for children'.
We have been recapping counting and addition to 10 ,20 ,50  and 100 and adding 1 -10 more for those who are able. We have been exploring quantitive vocabulary of more, less and equal to. Next we are looking at number sequencing and ordering. 
There are a number of great websites below which you can access at home.
In  our PSHCE and our well-being sessions we have been rebuilding relationships with our friends, learning to share and take turns and discussing how to express our emotions and feelings.
Our Recovery Curriculum has focused massively on well-being, mindfulness and being active. Below are some websites and apps to access.
Dear Parents,
In these difficult times of a school closer I hope you are all well and looking after each other!
Your work packs have gone in the post and should be on their way home to you, but in the meantime I will try to keep posting some entertaining and accessible activities for the students on our class page.
Stay safe and stay home as much as you can!
Take care
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Above are some fabulous reading resources to help to keep your child reading at home. Your child should do at least 20 minutes a day of reading activities so I hope the links to Oxford Owl will support you in keeping them inspired. There are some brilliant free e-Books to read together and some wonderful story-telling clips to have a listen to. 
Juniper Families.
I hope you are all keeping healthy and happy in these further stages of lockdown. Below are a few more ideas to help to keep you inspired and motivated with home learning. These sites have some brilliant interactive activities, clips, games and songs and are really worth a look at whenever you have some free time.
Stay safe and take care of each other
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5th May-
Hi Juniper Class,
It feels so long since I have seen you and I miss you very much. I just wanted to say a massive well done for all of the brilliant work and activities you have been doing with your wonderful families!
You are all so creative, helpful and keeping really active in these difficult times and I am so very proud of you!
Keep sharing the videos and photographs on our ClassDojo they make me smile everyday!
I will see you as soon as it is safe to be back at school!
Take care and stay safe!
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While we can’t Hug- is a wonderful animation about how you can still show someone you love and miss them in a time of social distancing!
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