Spring 2 2021


The remote learning offer will continue to follow the class time-table and curriculum as closely as possible this half-term as we successfully did in Spring 1.


Our new exciting topic for Spring 2  is: 'It's a kinda' magic!' our remote lessons, home learning books and tasks and activities set on Class Dojo  will continue to focus on English and Reading, Maths, PSHCE , well-being and physical education, but will also offer opportunities to explore tasks on all our areas of our curriculum including Science, DT , History, Geography, Music and RE.


We  will continue to set updated weekly differentiated tasks in the home learning books for your child to complete when they are not attending school, and we will continue to send a weekly update on Sunday evenings on Class Dojo outlining the planning and learning for that week with links and videos to support your home learning as this was a real success!


There will still be plenty of opportunities for your child to see their school friends from home as we will keep sending you 'Zoom links' for class meets and lessons and for our wonderful Zumba sessions with Becci. 


Finally- keep bringing in your home learning books when you are in school so we can keep work and marking updated on a weekly basis and offer your child feedback and opportunities to revisit any misconceptions and progress and continue working towards their individual targets. Also, if you are working remotely then please keep sending work examples and photos of your fabulous efforts on Class Dojo so we can mark, comment and mostly reward your hard work at home. 


Below outlines our coverage this term.

Thank-you for your continued support!

We so look forward to seeing you all again, as soon as it is safe to do so!


Jodie and the Juniper Team







The most important thing is to keep reading with your child - you will see all the reading ideas and links below, and you will also find weekly phonics tasks, and sensory phonics activities in the home learning books to keep your child progressing with their reading. I will continue to update you with the weekly sound and letter focus and the text we are studying every Sunday on Class Dojo. 

You will also find reading top tips and book recommendations on the 'Reading Newsletter' which I sent out just before the half-term break and you should have all received your gift from the school of a wonderful book and pack or Phonics cards for you to keep- So, plenty of ideas to get you started this term.









Remote Offer Learning Resources for English and Reading:
The class read every day after lunch- either their book of interest from the library or their phonics ability linked reading book. Encouraging them to read each day is essential to keep their reading progress. They can share books from home- picture books or fiction and non-fiction, magazines and access the websites below which contain books for their individual level. Jodie and the team can advise which on line books they will be able to access, but also being read to is a brilliant way of expanding knowledge and a love of literature.
The class has 20 minute phonics session 4 times a week- the team will share the sound or words your child is focusing on. Above are some ReadWriteInc resources for SET 1 &2 and some websites with fun phonics games which your child can work through the levels up to their upmost ability. 
 Our topic for Spring term 2 2021 is 'It's a kinda' magic!'' and our driving texts are:
  • A Midsummer Nights Dream
  • Cinderella 
  • Mary Poppins
  • We will be doing  activities such as sequencing, sensory stories, mini world creations,  roleplay, comprehension questions and character based tasks linked to the traditional tales and then descriptive writing of magical settings, magic spells and making fairy houses and doors for A Midsummer Nights Dream. 
Spring term is based on our topic 'It's a kinda' magic!' we will be looking at interesting characters, narrative sequences, instructional writing, pen control, arts and crafts, role-play, sensory stories and mini world activities linked to the magical stories  of ; A Midsummer Night's Dream, Cinderella and Mary Poppins.
We then have lots of cross curricular activities with some wonderful Art, Music, Science, History and Geography based tasks and challenges about enchanted woodland habitats , animals, London, Monarchs and sound.
Finally we look forward first to exploring the of magic of an enchanted woods through the introduction of the Shakespearean play 'A Midsummer Nights Dream'.
Some brilliant links to help introduce the play include: the Cbeebies pantomime version of the play and some brilliant clips and activities to explore the play in more detail below if you want to get a head start.
Spring 2:
We will be continuing with onto measurement the beginning of this term focusing on weight and volume and using the vocabulary heavier and lighter. We will also begin to look at fractions of halves and quarters. Again there are some great websites below to use from home and I have given you topic linked maths tasks in the ' Home Learning' books. Power-Maths work books are available to those students able to use them and I will continue to share lots of specific and differentiated activities and ideas on Class Dojo.
In  our PSHCE and our well-being sessions we have been rebuilding relationships with our friends, learning to share and take turns and discussing how to express our emotions and feelings.
Our Recovery Curriculum has focused massively on well-being, mindfulness and being active. Below are some websites and apps to access.
In Spring term 2 we will start to look at 'Similarities and Differences' there are some links below looking at 'My friends and me', and 'What makes us special'. Last term we explored 'The Wider World Around Us'  we had some really fun lessons and activities based on 'People who help us' exploring the job roles of firemen, paramedics and dentists, doctors and nurses, the Police and teachers. There are some interesting clips below on 'A day in the life of a … Doctor, teacher, policeman...' and lots activities about job roles and 'Respecting Differences' in the 'Home Learning' books.
There are some brilliant specialist lessons, activities, parent toolkits and SEN support groups out there to help to guide and support you with home learning. Here are just a few that we would recommend to help us meet the children's individual targets:
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Welcome to Juniper Class.
 Juniper Class is the oldest class in the primary school here at Nancealverne and the children are between the ages of 8 -11 years old. We have a wonderful mix of smart, funny and caring students and staff who are driven by teamwork, problem solving, fun and creativity.

 There are 3 awesome teaching assistants and 1 teacher who leads Juniper class. We currently have 10 fantastic children. Our students study an array of subjects across the curriculum including, phonics, Maths, science, RE and History and our class offer is bursting with a variety of practical opportunities such as: swimming, Zumba, soft-play, art, cooking, gymnastics and dance.

 Our beautiful classroom is our gateway to inspire our students and we pride ourselves in our aspirational, colourful and interactive displays which really help our student’s creativity to ignite. We have had a class room full of Greek mythical creatures and Arabian palaces last term, and this term we will be creating an enchanted woods with magical fairies for our 'Into the woods' topic. Our room is right next to the hall so we are usually the first class to get ready for dinner, and we have doors straight out onto our lovely playground so we also get to make the most of being outside too! 

 We try to focus on our sensory learning every day and this leads to some very fun (and messy) sessions, but we also have a structured cross curricular time-table which helps to prepare our students for further Key Stages in their educational journey. High expectations and aiming high is key!

Have fun exploring our wonderful class!