Welcome to Maple Class!
We are a mixed age class (KS1 to Post 16). We are young people who may need a more sensory and ‘small steps’ approach to learning. We have a safe and supportive environment that can cater for our more complex learning and care needs. We spend time in Maple classroom but also with our peer groups in other classes throughout the school. 

Maple Class is a total communication environment to aid our development, understanding, and awareness of the world. We are supported to engage in a wide range of experiences and opportunities to support our learning. This includes; intensive interaction, sensory awakening, Tacpac, cause and effect activities, use of objects of reference/symbols/photographs/makaton, on the body signing, massage therapy and music therapy.
We can learn in our classroom or in other rooms around the school including The Studio (sensory room), dark room, soft play or even the hydrotherapy pool. Through this wide range of approaches the adults are able to provide true experiential learning tailored to each of our specific needs, enabling us to enhance our learning opportunities and long term life choices.

To support our needs holistically we have other adults who help us. These include the school nurse, the therapy team (Physio/Occupational/Speech and Language Therapists) along with outside agencies (including. vision, hearing and dietetic support services).
Most of all we just love to have fun when we are learning! 
We are known as L2L pupils in school (learning to learn).
The adults in our school and the other schools in our Special Partnership Trust have created a L2L policy and curriculum framework - to make sure we are learning what we need to and when!

Mrs Rebecca Westaway



Teaching assistant


Teaching assistant


Teaching assistant


Teaching assistant

Here is some information about our curriculum offer:
Our curriculum framework sets out our ambitious aims determined for all L2L pupils; this framework is fully informed by the process we follow to secure & embed personalised learning for pupils between (Yr2 – Yr11). We recognise that as our pupils move through our provision & into P16, our offer will need to reflect on their post school placement; we have therefore, identified an additional offer to meet such needs.
The L2L curriculum enables our Trust schools to identify what we aspire for our pupils to learn building on this learning using information gathered via a pupil engagement profile & assessment of core areas of learning via the B² Engagement Steps. To translate this framework over time & to secure it holds meaning/relevance we have developed a structure for its implementation; this secures our offer is equitable in pupil access to the National Curriculum (‘vehicle’ for delivery) remains personalised. Such personalisation enables our schools to evaluate the progress pupils make in their concepts, knowledge & understanding can be evidenced ensuring all future learning is part of a well-planned sequence.
We recognise that our curriculum offer needs to prepare all learners well for their next stage, making sure pupil progression builds upon their current skills/ abilities developed (progress data). The design of our curriculum map evidences breadth/ depth in areas of study in the knowledge that all pupils will access this curriculum at different starting points based upon their engagement profile & EHCP outcomes.
The L2L Curriculum Offer will use whatever specialist techniques, teaching approaches, advice & guidance received which will motivate (interest led), support the needs/ improve access of any individual pupils. (Accreditation begins at Key Stage 3 and evidenced via the Trusts accreditation map).
Our current topic is Ancient Greece!
We are enjoying taking part in lots of multi-sensory activities learning about Ancient Greece. 
Please have a look at our topic map to see exactly what we are learning and exploring!
Within our topic we also work on core skills, through the engagement model - including:
  • Communication and Interaction
  • Cognition and Learning
  • Sensory
  • Physical
  • Social, emotional and mental health
Please see some lovely photos below of us learning and exploring.
Parents, as our pupil offers are so personalised please contact Rebecca Westaway on for your child's personal remote learning offer.
Rebecca will communicate weekly via telephone calls. We are also in the process of setting up class dojo, which will allow us to share photos and messages virtually. 

In the event of the isolation of a whole class bubble or school closure/national lockdown, this offer will be expanded and will also include ‘Teams’ sessions. Rebecca will provide a live (and recorded) briefing at the start of the day to share ideas for learning for the day and then followed by a short briefing at the end of the day to provide help/assistance/feedback. She will also record these sessions so that parents/students can access these sessions if they are unable to make them at the set times. 


Please also find a document attached outlining other important remote learning information (reading, maths, PHSE and resources/activities to support topic based learning).

However, some of the resources below may be of interest (some of these have been sent to me by specialist teachers such as the visual impairment teacher or the speech and language therapist).
Here are some photos of us doing our home learning with our families: