Online Safety


Esafety is a tent poll of the School's computing curriculum and we believe that all children should be taught to keep themselves safe online. The policy can be found by click on the link at the bottom of the page. Resources and other materials about esafety can also be found in this page.


If you are concerned about the suitability of a TV show or a game for your child then 'common sense media' is a very good website that provides an overview of all media types. Everything has a suitability rating across numerous categories including 'positive messages', 'violence' and 'language'. The website address is:


Other websites that offer similar services are the British Board of Film Classification (or the BBFC), The Parent ZoneChildnet International and ThinkuKnow.


As we all know, children are having access to a range of materials and sources of information that can lead them vulnerable and at risk. It is difficult to ensure that children only access acceptable material. With this in mind, ‘Digital Parenting’ ( have developed a suggested timeline detailing the ages that they suggest children access technology. The age groups for our children may look different but the checklists are still very useful. The document can be downloaded here.


If you are concerned about the content that your children are accessing online then there are a number of agencies that can support. ‘Digital Parenting’ (copies can be ordered from here) have a list of ways to report a concern from Facebook and YouTube to Google and Xbox Live. There is also advice on reporting these concerns to the police and other authorities. The document can be downloaded here.