Request for Traded Outreach support from the Special Partnership Trust


 We are pleased to be able to offer you the opportunity to purchase outreach services from the Special Partnership Trust, working together to ensure the best possible learning experience and outcomes for SEND pupils across the county by sharing ideas, strategies and learning opportunities. The support may include an observation and the on- roll school is responsible for informing parents and staff, gaining consent where appropriate.  


As part of a purchased services arrangement, we will:

  • Build good relationships with schools and develop a shared ethos with a focus on maximising pupil potential, growth and outcomes

  • Share best practice in pedagogy and support to help you make best use of resources available to you to support your learners

  • Be non-judgemental and offer support as a ‘critical friend’ to share your concerns, whilst aiming to help implement specific external agency advice

  • Offer suggestions as part of a professional dialogue

  • Provide a brief report of our visit to the SENCO outlining those suggestions for future reference.             


As part of this arrangement, you will:

  • Obtain a signature from parents where the request relates to an individual child, ensuring they are aware and understand their child may be observed by a practitioner from the Special Partnership Trust

  • Obtain verbal consent from parents where a request is for a group of children

  • Complete an outreach services request form and submit this to the Trust at least a week in advance of the agreed visit

  • Understand that suggestions are made with good intentions and that although we have a wealth of SEND knowledge we are not ‘experts’ in every scenario presented to us.


 There may be additional longer term packages of support that you can purchase through the Special Partnership Trust. Schools will need to discuss and commission this individually with us.


Traded services request forms will be available on our website: www.specialpartnership.org


We look forward to working with you.


About the Service

 The Special Partnership Trust Outreach Service is a co-ordinated team of specialist staff.

The Service provides purchasable training/development/support for staff in mainstream schools, ARB or specialist settings, to support the needs of an individual child or young person or group of children with like needs. This allows staff to build upon their existing skills, knowledge and expertise so that they are better equipped to cater for those children and young people with SEND in their care.

The Service is available to:

 Mainstream schools, ARBs and any settings with children and young people whose needs can be described as complex, i.e. more severe than those of the general population of pupils with moderate learning or behavioural difficulties, and where a school or setting would benefit from specialist advice, usually in the short term, on how best to support them.

The majority of these children and young people will have had their needs assessed through:

  • Early years identification, assessment and support
  • Placement on the Record of Need at School Support
  • Education, Health and Care Assessment resulting in an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP)
  • The annual review process
  • Transition into a new setting


Request Process:

A school or setting can make a referral by completing the ‘Request for Outreach Support’.

In making a request, the school or setting will need to identify the expertise level required and allow time for the Special Partnership to both triage the request and identify the best practitioner for the work.

If the request is agreed, the Outreach Worker and the named person will draw up a Provision Agreement outlining the type, level, frequency and duration of input.



  • Specialist TA £87 per day
  • Teacher £190 per day
  • Specialist SLT/Leadership & Management £250 per day


Travel expenses will be applied at 30p per mile from the outreach worker’s home address.

 Review and/or report writing activity can be completed at an additional cost if required


Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation is built into the process. The setting will receive a brief feedback report that outlines the work undertaken, actions agreed and any recommended next steps. Feedback from the school or setting will be requested at the end of each period of service involvement.


Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is underpinned by the following standards:

  • progress towards outcomes will be systematically recorded and monitored;
  • interventions based on up-to-date specialist knowledge and expertise of suitably qualified professional staff will be promoted;
  • clear outcomes will be agreed by the Service and the user, and steps taken to develop a culture of independence;
  • the Service will regularly collect feedback about its interventions and use this to improve quality.