Welcome to Palm Class
Remote Learning Offer February 2021
Hello all
Welcome to Palm Class and to our remote learning offer for this term.  During these difficult times, we know that some pupils may not be able to access learning at school.   Our aim in Palm Class is to replicate the school offering, as far as is practical, to students accessing learning from home.  To do that we are following the same timetable in school and at home to allow all students to continue to participate and learn together, at the same rate.  In class and online/remote learning activities will be supplemented with personalised remote learning books and activities to engage all learners.
We will be sticking to our usual routines as far as is possible and there is an expectation that all students will access learning in whatever form is most appropriate for them.  Weekly learning outlines/timetable for the week will be displayed on the Class area of the website (below) with links to websites and activities relevant to the week's learning.  More detailed differentiated activities will be given out daily through a mixture of Class Dojo, email and regularly updated practical activities/remote learning books sent home.  Any resources that pupils need will be sent home as required, or alternative suggestions offered.
In addition, there will be a daily video on Class Dojo explaining the learning to parents and pupils, and opportunities for pupils at home to join live lessons where appropriate, through Zoom and, possibly,TEAMS.  We also offer regular opportunities for socialisation via Zoom through a mixture of more formal circle times and casual chats/catch-ups with friends.
It is really important that students continue to read every day (as they do in school) and to access phonics sessions at least 3 times a week.  Our timetable includes maths and english every morning, with topic/foundation subjects in the afternoon, but we appreciate that you may access learning at different times.
To keep in touch (and for you to get in touch with me), we will continue to use the messaging feature on Class Dojo and email. Please send completed work back to me at the end of each day so that we can review, provide next steps for learning and celebrate achievement.
Please see below for information about our focus this half term and don't hesitate to get in touch if you need any additional support or just have a query.
Kind regards,
Spring Term 2nd - 2021
Hello all
I hope you all had a fabulous and relaxing half-term.   In the next 6 weeks, we will be building on our work in the first half term, hence the title - All Things Local.   In English, we will be staying with Cornwall, but moving on from stories to non-fiction, aiming to write a leaflet about our local area and we do hope to visit lots of nearby places to help us.  In maths, we're moving on from measures to work on multiplication and division - there'll be lots of counting and making groups, so get your resources ready!   
In Science, we're moving on from our work on dinosaurs (Biology) to look more closely at rocks and soils (Chemistry) and this will link with our Geography topic on coastal erosion and beach studies.  In music and RE we will be looking at St Piran.   For our DT slot, we have been promising a 'fake away' project - so, here it is - desgining and making our own 'healthy' take away product.  Finally, in Art, we will be working on collages using found objects from our travels, but will begin with some mod-roc sculpture.
It all sounds very exciting! 
As always, please check Dojo/email for detailed daily work.  This will be supplemented with concrete resources sent home and zoom meetings/lessons to share and develop ideas.   I will also be providing links to resources used each week here on the website, plus a weekly overview of what we're doing.  
Kind regards and please don't hesitate to get in touch if you need anything at all.   My email is or you can Dojo me.    

Nikki x
Spring Term 1st 2021
Our topic for this half term is 'Long, Long Ago' - we will be studying dinosaurs and fossils in Science and using non-fiction texts to support in English classes.  We will also be exploring Cornish Stories, Myths and Legends, including those linked to pre-historic and historic sites in Cornwall (e.g. The Merry Maidens, the Causeway and St Michael's Mount and Zennor).  In maths we will be focusing on measures, using our topic as a vehicle for exploring the vocabulary of size, weight and time.  In PSHE, our focus is Living in the Wider World - we will be exploring how to stay safe and who helps us to do so.  In art, we will be focusing on cave drawing/painting and sculpture from found objects.  
I will be posting useful websites and online games/activities as we get into the topic - please keep looking for updates.  In addition, there are lots of more general resources on the class page that may be useful - please make sure you scroll down and take a look.
Kind regards and please don't hesitate to get in touch if you need anything at all (
Nikki xx
Week 6 Spring Term
Hello all
It's the last week before half term and we're rounding up our topic - we're going to be consolidating our learning in history and science by writing a presentation, producing a poster or a film (whatever you like in fact) to tell others what we've learnt.  Please include detail about what the world was like in the times of the dinosaurs, what dinosaurs were, some examples of different types and, finally, how we know about them (i.e. fossils). I've put all the dino links just below this post to make it easier to do your research.   If we've got time, we'll also have a look at the work of Charles Darwin and begin to talk avout heredity and how species change over time - however, this may well be carried over to next term!
In English, I'm very excited to tell you about our new Cornish story - it's called Percy Pengelly and the Wibble Wobble - and it's one I hadn't heard about it until very recently.  It's doubly exciting as there is a lovely 'part-dramatisation' of the story from Cousin Jack's, a theatre group based in Cornwall.  In the story we are going to be transported to the circus and back down again to a succession of 'Cornish' jobs through the eyes of Percy himself.  It really is a great story, so please have a look and join in with our sessions this week.
In maths we're continuing with our work on time - looking at sequencing our days, time to the hour and half hour, duration and comparing intervals of time.   
In PSHE we are finishing off our Mental Health Week work, doing a zoom lesson on how emotions can be explored through both music and dance - we'll be role playing, dancing and having fun!
This week will be our last virtual cricket session, with Chance to Shine, on Youtube - get your frying pans out and bat along with us.  There'll also be 2 zumba zoom sessions with Becci, so we'll all be fit for half term.
Enjoy!  As always, detailed work is posted every day on Class Dojo/email with an explanatory video.  Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries at all.
Kind regards,
Week 5 Spring Term
We are well into our topic now and have produced some absolutely fantastic work both at home and in school - so give yourselves (and parents) a huge pat on the back and a round of applause!   
This week we are continuing with our work on The Mousehole Cat (Cornish stories) in English.   This unit looks at descriptive and story writing.  We have done quite a lot of work describing characters so far and some story writing (please have a look in class at our fabulous display), but we haven't yet described a setting, so our focus this week will be on this - and specifically, on Mousehole!
In Maths, we're finishing off our work on Measures and moving on to Time.  We will be doing some assessment and problem solving activities in the early part of the week and then some work on sequencing activities and telling the time later on.
In topic (science/history focus), we've finished making our fossils - well done to everyone who's completed theirs!  I'll post some photos soon.  We'll consolidate our understanding by talking about fossils again before moving on to look at how animals and plants change over time and what happened to the dinosaurs.  
It's also Children's Mental Health Week this week and the theme is 'Express Yourself'.   We have quite a few activities scheduled that enable us to express ourselves: from art, to dance and music.  We will be focusing on how being creative can be a positive outlet for our emotions and a way to keep us happy in these difficult times.  As a whole school, we will be producing portraits of ourselves to display in our 'art gallery' in the hall at the end of the week.  We'll organise a virtual tour!
Don't forget to check in with ClassDojo every day for detailed work and for a daily video from me explaining the tasks.  We're also running quite a few live lessons this week - please see the timetable for info.
Cheers for now,
Nikki (1 Feb 2021)
Topic Resources - Week 5
Spring term - Week 4
Hi Everyone
Our focus this week is fossils and more fossils!!   We're going to be finding out about fossils, making our own out of clay and Plaster of Paris (live lesson at 1.30 on Friday) and finding out about Mary Anning, a hugely important fossil collector from Lyme Regis, who lived 200 years ago.   It's shocking that because she was a woman, her hugely important contribution to science wasn't recognised at the time - at least we're making up for it now!
In English we've finally finished our stories - please have a look at them on display - they are fab!  We're moving on to look at The Mousehole Cat this week, and our focus is on narrative and description.  
In maths, we're looking at mass - get your balance scales out!  There will be videos showing you how to make your own below if you fancy it!  
As always, please check Dojo daily for detailed lesson tasks and daily videos, plus the timetable for any live sessions.
Topic Resources - Week 4
Spring term - Week 3
Hi all
This week we are definitely going to start with exploring the world at the time of the dinosaurs - in the Mesozoic Era (c 200 million years ago).  We're finding out the climate and landscape was like and how the Era is split into 3 timezones - the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods.  This was planned for last week, but we didn't manage to get there!  We've also got sessions on fossils and Mary Anning to look forward to!  Wow - that's a lot of history and science this week...
In English we're continuing to work on our mermaid stories - please keep going with these as they look really good and will make a fabulous display to celebrate all your hard work.
In maths, this week's focus is capacity - so get out your measuring cups and get playing with water - there's something for everyone here!  
In PE we're trying our second live Youtube Cricket session this week - it's from Chance to Shine - a national website to promote cricket skills to youngsters.  The live sessions are great so do join us (the link will be below) on Wednesday afternoons - 2pm.
As always, please check in with Dojo every day for detailed lessons/tasks and videos explaining the work.
Happy days,
Nikki x
Topic Resources - Week 3
Week 2 - Spring Term
Hello all
Happy week 2 to you all!   Our topic is proving to be a big hit and very exciting for all!  We're loving finding out about dinosaurs!    In Science this week we're looking at herbivores and carnivores - which dinosaurs were plant eaters (herbivores) and which were meat eaters (carnivores).  Some of course, ate plants and animals, just like us (omnivores), or those of us who are not veggie/vegan!
In English, we're moving on from our dinosaur non-fiction start to focus on Cornish Myths and Stories (whilst continuing with our topic in Science and History). I'm very excited about our first tale - it's the Mermaid of Zennor, one of my favourites, and such a beautiful place!  This week we're going to focus on reading the basic story and retelling it.  We're then going to move on to compare it with a different version - the Charles Causley retelling.  
In Maths, we're continuing to work on length this week, focusing on non-standard and then standard measures - i.e. centimetres and metres.  Hopefully we'll be able to measure some dinosaurs!
In PSHE, we're focusing on the groups and communities we belong to - this is so important when so many of us are at home.  
In art we're going to try to build dinosaurs out of junk cardboard, etc..   
Please check in with Dojo every day for detailed tasks/differentiated work and for videos to explain.  Also, if you need any additional support at all, please email/Dojo me. 
 Have a good week,
Topic Resources - Week 2
Week 1 Spring Term
Hello all
We are getting started with our topic 'Long, Long Ago' this week and are doing lots of dinosaur themed activities and work.  In English we are using non-fiction texts to investigate what a dinosaur is and to find out about specific dinosaurs.   In Science we are focusing on how the world looked 225 million years ago when it was a giant land mass called Pangea.  Our maths is all about measures and can be brought into lots of topic areas as it is all about length/height and size this week.  On Friday we will be attempting to make a dinosaur out of junk items - maybe you could try to do the same at home!
Please check in regularly with Class  Dojo as each day's work is posted on there with videos to support.  However, I am also going to post activity ideas, games and specific websites to support the topic.  Please see below.
Kind regards,
Topic Resources - Week 1
Measures Resources for Maths
General Learning Resources
Please find below a list of general learning resources that you may find useful if you have finished tasks for the day or are looking for something a little different.  I will signpost you to specific topics/pages on these websites if they are applicable to the week's learning, but there are some great websites out there if pupils wish to explore specific areas or play games to supplement learning activities.
General learning resources (multi-subject)
Maths resources
English resources
Sensory and other resources

Welcome to Palm Class


Palm (Class 6) is the first class in Key Stage 3. In lower Key Stage 3 we set the scene and begin the secondary phase of pupils' education.  We aim to consolidate skills learnt in the primary phase and set new targets and goals for the next stage of learning.   We encourage pupils to develop greater independence and seek to prepare them fully for the next stage of their learning journey.


We have 8 pupils in class this year. Nikki is our teacher and we have 3 teaching assistants to support: Laura, Sarah and Seth. We really enjoy learning and follow a varied and exciting multi-sensory curriculum. We use objects, pictures, signs and symbols to support our learning where needed, whilst encouraging a high level of verbal interaction - sessions are lively and interactive.


We try to take on more responsibility and start to become more independent in our learning.  In 'normal' times we run the school tuck shop, which gives us valuable opportunities to participate in real life learning and to have fun as well!  We do our own serving, shopping, cooking and money management, with jobs shared out amongst the class so that everyone is able to contribute. 


In addition to our formal learning, we visit the Leisure Centre regularly for swimming and have opportunities to take part in a range of activities including gymnastics (at the local Gym), horse riding and stable management (at Old Mill Stables), plus a timetable of sporting activities often involving other schools. We also like to get out and about as much as possible.


In Palm Class, we decide our own rules and earn stickers, dojos and rewards.  We earn epic dojos for doing homework!


Please have a look at what we've been up to and do let us know what you think.