13th July 2021
Hello All
I rather hoped I wouldn't be posting this before the end of term, but here we are! 
From now until the end of term, Palm Class will be isolating and so we return to online learning, as much to keep in contact with each other as to carry on with learning activities.  
I am proposing that we start with a zoom session at 11.30 this morning to catch up and see where we are.  I'll outline how I'm proposing to run these last few days and then we'll go from there.  
We're all so sorry not to be able to see pupils at the end of term and not to do the fun things we had planned, but we can still enjoy each other's company online,  support each other, and hopefully, have a bit of fun too.  
So, as last time, please check Class Dojo every morning for detailed activities, ideas and any work posted.  The timetable is underneath this and I am currently planning 3 zoom sessions a day - obviously this may change after I've spoken to you all today, but I will amend if necessary.
Keep safe and I hope to see you all later,
Nikki x

Welcome to Palm Class


Palm (Class 6) is the first class in Key Stage 3. In lower Key Stage 3 we set the scene and begin the secondary phase of pupils' education.  We aim to consolidate skills learnt in the primary phase and set new targets and goals for the next stage of learning.   We encourage pupils to develop greater independence and seek to prepare them fully for the next stage of their learning journey.


We have 8 pupils in class this year. Nikki is our teacher and we have 3 fabulous teaching assistants to support: Laura, Sarah and Seth. We really enjoy learning and follow a varied and exciting multi-sensory curriculum. We use objects, pictures, signs and symbols to support our learning where needed, whilst encouraging a high level of verbal interaction - sessions are lively, interactive and fun!


We try to take on more responsibility and to become more independent in our learning.  In 'normal' times we run the school tuck shop, which gives us valuable opportunities to participate in real life learning and to have fun as well!  We do our own serving, shopping, cooking and money management, with jobs shared out amongst the class so that everyone is able to contribute. 


In addition to our formal learning, we visit the Leisure Centre regularly for swimming and have opportunities to take part in a range of activities including gymnastics (at the local Gym), horse riding and stable management (at Old Mill Stables), plus a timetable of sporting activities often involving other schools. We also like to get out and about as much as possible.


In Palm Class, we decide our own rules and earn stickers, dojos and rewards.  We earn epic dojos for doing homework and trying our best!


Please have a look at what we've been up to and do let us know what you think.


Thank you,





Spring Term 2nd - 2021
Hello all
I hope you all had a fabulous and relaxing half-term.   In this block of learning we will be building on our work in the first half term, hence the title - All Things Local.   In English, we will be staying with Cornwall, but moving on from stories to non-fiction, aiming to write a leaflet about our local area and we do hope to visit lots of nearby places to help us.  In maths, we're moving on from measures to work on multiplication and division - there'll be lots of counting and making groups, so get your resources ready!   
In Science, we're moving on from our work on dinosaurs (Biology) to look more closely at rocks and soils (Chemistry) and this will link with our Geography topic on coastal erosion and beach studies.  In music and RE we will be looking at St Piran.   For our DT slot, we have been promising a 'fake away' project - so, here it is - desgining and making our own 'healthy' take away product.  Finally, in Art, we will be working on collages using found objects from our travels, but will begin with some mod-roc sculpture.
It all sounds very exciting! 
We do still have some pupils learning from home - please remember to check our class page under the Remote Learning Tab - we will continue to see you for lessons and chat on zoom and hope that you will be able to return to school soon.
Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you need anything at all - my email is or you can reach me via Dojo.    

Nikki x
Here are a few photos of school activities from 2021 so far - enjoy!
I just had to leave this in, even thought we've finished our work on Cornish stories.  We all loved Percy Pengelly so much and this version from Cousin Jack's Theatre Group (see below) shows just what can be achieved during lockdown!
We have written our own versions and will load them on to our new website soon.