PSHCE remote learning

Welcome to our remote offer for PSHCE 
Please find resources, ideas for discussion and activities alongside links to topics currently being taught in your child's class. 
Class teachers will send home additional links to learning for your child to access throughout this time. 
The links suggested are based on the learning your children will encounter in class and are a great catalyst in promoting awareness and discussion. 
Please feel free to contact the class teacher to discuss areas of learning set. 
Many Thanks 
Autumn term learning focus: Relationships - self awareness and managing feelings, linked to our emotional wellbeing and mental health 
Primary PSHCE focus and remote learning resources 
  • ourselves and our families.   
  •  Friendships and feelings
  • Listening and participation* will be covered through discussion and activities within sessions  
Ideas for discussion 
You could watch the clip and ask your child to think about themselves playing with their friends. can they identify their friends, what makes them special? how are they a good friend? What games are they playing in the clip, what games do you play with your friends? What makes the games fun? sharing? agreeing? being together? 
What things do they sometimes disagree about when they're playing? What happens when they disagree? How do they feel? Reflect with them on strategies for 'making up'.
Children could draw their friends and list what they like about them and then identify what makes them a great friend. 
Create a poster to show how good friends are helpful and listen to us. 
What is a family? 
Listen to the what is a family song, look at images of different people at home and select family members. Place pictures of their family on a piece of paper, create a " my family booklet" and talk about them, use symbols to label family members where needed. 
Take new photos showing what you like to do with your family and share with friends in class, via class dojo. 
Write a letter or draw a picture to a family member, talk about why they are special to you. 
Below is a range of video clips presented by Dr Radha Moghil that explore a whole range of feelings and emotions, as well as providing talking points and tools to feel better.
These clips will enable discussion and identification of emotions, linking to self-awareness. 
Ideas for learning: 
Create emotion sock puppets, children can design and create a range of emotions then role play those emotions in a safe place, using language and body movements linked to those emotions.  
Identify when your child has felt one of the emotions shown, talk about and label how their body felt.
Support your child in understanding emotions are normal and change as we grow.  
Self awareness. 
Within the clips below you and your child can watch together and discuss, the following:
Am I responsible for my actions? 
What makes me, me? 
What's fair?
Why should I be good?
Spend time discussing the clips below and how the behaviours and story lines linked to the clips. 
Can your child communicate what they are responsible for and how they feel about their actions? 
You and your child could spend time creating a poster to show how they are responsible for their actions or things they do around the house.
The clips also showcase other behaviours linked to Our selves and our awareness of ourselves and others. 
Printable resources 
Secondary PSHCE focus and remote learning resources 
Information for parents and carers 
Please find below a range of clips to stimulate discussion and awareness linked to relationships and behaviours. 
The clips will support the printed work sheets sent home by your child's class teacher and are a catalyst into developing understanding of relationships, personal safety, growth and self awareness. 
Also attached are supportive video clips linked to puberty and other personal experiences. 
If you should require support in discussing any aspects of the PSHCE curriculum with your child please feel free to contact their class teachers, who will be able to offer a range of resources and ideas to support understanding and promote independence. 
Many Thanks  
Autumn term learning focus: Relationships - self awareness and managing feelings 
Printable resources  
Personal experiences. 
Dealing with loss