Pupil Parliament

Welcome to The Pupil Parliament area.
Pupil Parliament is made up of ten students, who applied for their position to represent the students voice across the whole school.
Within our Parliament we have two 'parties':  The Kymineth Party and The Skol Party.  The parties both work to ensure our students' educational and health and wellbeing needs are being met.  The Kymineth party believe this could be done best through events and community involvement; while the Skol party believe that in school resources and activities are the best way to meet these needs.  Our parties work together and always put the needs of the students first.
This year we have not just helped at school, but have worked closely with the SEND board to help develop the accessibility of the information they share.  We went to county hall and designed a poster that the SEND board now use.  We have also created a film about a local café to help to develop the Local Offer Website.