School Day

The experience of the school day depends on which class and year group each child is in. There are things that are the same across the entire school with some individual changes made for each child.
The school doors are open at 9:10am and the children are taken to their classes for registration and some table top activities or individual learning.
There is 'wake and shake' in the Hall on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday'. The children then go from the Hall (or their classes if they have chosen not to do wake and shake' to their reading and phonic groups. Some of the children follow a 'read, write inc' system where some children have a sensory session and others use 'precision teach'.
The reading sessions then end and the children return to their classes and their individual timetables. The Primary Department (classes 2, 3 and 4) have snack at 10:30-10:45 and then go out to play at 10:45-11:00. The Secondary department (classes 6, 7 and 8) then have their snack and playtime.
At 12:00 the Primary classes meet in the Hall for lunch until 12:45 and then have their playtime until 13:15. The Secondary classes have their play at 12:00 and then are in the Hall for the second sitting of lunch. All classes across the school are back to their lessons at 13:15 and follow their individual teaching timetables.
At the end of the day all of the children meet in the Hall. Everyone lines up to wait in their bus stops for the escorts and the parents to come and collect the children. The doors are open at 15:20. On some days of the week the school runs after school clubs.
On a Monday the Primary classes meet in the Hall for an assembly. The Secondary classes meet on a Thursday for their assembly. On certain Fridays there are whole school assemblies where all of the children meet and share aspects of the term that have gone well.
Class 5 and Foundation are very special classes and they follow their own timetables. See their individual pages for their specific experiences of a general day.