Welcome to Sycamore Class (previously class 3)


Sycamore class is the key stage 1 and lower key stage 2 class. We have a great deal of fun and laughter while covering all aspects of the national curriculum. 

We have 9 chidlren in class and 4 teaching assistants and 1 teacher. We spend a lot of time together so we think it is very important that we like each other and laugh lots. 

Please look at the linked documents to read about our most up to date schemes of work and sequences of learning. 


Our 'house rules' are:


  • clean up after yourself
  • ask questions
  • laugh a lot
  • believe in yourself
  • dance and sing
  • try new things
  • brush your teeth [in the mornings and before bed]
  • listen
  • always tell the truth
  • know you are loved
  • be kind to each other
  • do your best
  • never give up
  • say 'please' and 'thank you'
  • share
  • give lots of hugs
  • practice patience
  • love one another
Have a look at some of our photos to see us working towards these house rules!!


As a class team, we are aware of the practices of TIS and embed activities and games in to our everyday work. We have the opportunity to use the expertise of our TIS practitioner who is availble to work with children as well as offer us advice when needed. For more information on TIS and it's use throughout the whole school, please see or contact us at school. 

Remote learning offer
During the uncertain times we understand that there will be times where some of the children cannot access school. To ensure the gap between the children accessing school and those who are not does not widen, we have made our curriculum and topics accessible to anyone to view and follow along. 
In the event of any absences Jamie will send (or deliver, in most cases) a work pack that will follow the daily activities that we will be using in class. There will also be opportunities to join an online virtual session as a whole class (via Microsoft Teams). We are also using Class Dojo for daily communication and sharing resources and materials. Any work completed will be assessed and recorded as if the children were in school. 
There are also a wealth of resources and websites available with additional learning materials that can be accessed at any time or when there are absences.
All through Lockdown we have been uploading a story a day for the chidlren in class to watch. Please check our class youtube channel for the video archive.
English remote offer:
In English this half term we are learning about '5 children and it', Edith Nesbit's classic tale of childhood misadventure. We'll be looking at 2 chapters each week where the children will take part in different activities exploring the story.
We will be using the classic 90s TV show as inspiration in some of the sessions. Here is the first episode on YouTube: 
Maths remote offer:
In maths we are focusing on securing place value and counting skills. We are using lots of different resources and thinking about numbers and groups of objects in as many different ways as possible.
Here are some great resources and games:
PSHE remote offer:
In PSHE we are focusing on recognising our own worth and building relationships with our friends and adults around us. We work each day on an aspect of our wellbeing, which could be some share yoga or mindfulness. In PSHE sessions we talk about our unique skills and the other qualities that make us special. 
Here are some additional websites:
Sycamore Class medium and long term plans:
Additional Resources

Reading offer – Sycamore class


Books and reading forms a cornerstone of the educational offer available in Sycamore class. We encourage reading for pleasure as well as reading for necessity and every way books can be used in the in-between. Our end aim is to instil a lifelong love of reading in all of its forms. We believe firmly that this love comes from as many early experiences with books and stories as possible.


We have opportunities for teaching letters and sounds using teaching approaches that suit the needs of the children. We have sensory phonics groups, whole word reading groups and groups focused on ‘read write inc’ approaches. All children hear and engage with elements of each approach so that they have the opportunity to find an approach that suits their way of learning the most.


Books and stories permeate all subject areas in one way or another with weekly units focused on books and stories in English to books being used as sources of information in history and geography. We examine holy and sacred books in RE and when looking at different cultures. The children learn to treat books with respect as well as seeing the adults in the classroom treat books in the same way.


We have a reading corner in the classroom and the children are encouraged and rewarded for choosing a book in choosing time and free time. We have a daily reading slot where the children experience being read to. We use books from the same author and series so the children experience familiar style and more modern books as well as the classic tales. The children are also exposed to poetry and we use poetry books in the daily reading slots on a rotating basis.


While reading or discussing stories the children have opportunities to talk about what they liked and enjoyed about the stories as well as considering who else would enjoy it. We use symbols for the children to describe scenes and plots and develop word level understanding in context. We use questions influenced by Booms Taxonomy to support a deeper understanding of the stories and the ideas. Children are invited to explore authors and themes that they enjoy.


Children also experience stories being told using the computer or another device (such as an audio story over smart speaker) but the children are always reminded that the original material is a book and without this there would be no story.