Welcome to Sycamore Class


Team Sycamore is the key stage 1 and lower key stage 2 class. We have a great deal of fun and laughter while using a blended approach to learning that uses aspects of the national curriculum as well as a bespoke curriculum that is designed to meet the individual needs of each learner. We have 10 children in class, 4 teaching assistants and 1 teacher. 

Our ethos is that we meet all our children's individual needs in a creative, adventurous and exciting way. We passionately believe in giving everyone the opportunities to be 'amazing'.


Remote learning offer
During these uncertain times we understand that there will be periods where some of our children cannot access school. To ensure the gap between children accessing school and those who are not does not widen, we adapted our curriculum, topics and resources to ensure pupils accessing remote learning can continue to access the curriculum and continue to make progress in all aspects of their learning. 
We understand that Sycamore Class is absolutely the best place for your child to continue their educational journey. However, we do believe that with our combined efforts that we can work together to support our pupils and help them make progress towards  their 'individual' targets.
I will release a 5 day timetable on a Friday afternoon that you will be able to use during the following week. This timetable will be sent via Class Dojo and the links will also be accessible via this site ( please see the links below). Ideally it would be fantastic if you can complete every lesson on each day, but that will not always be possible. This is why the timetables will stay live on the website and will allow you unrestricted access if you need to re-visit any prior learning opportunities.
Additional resources
Alongside the weekly learning journey that you and your child can access, we will add any additional useful and relevant resources. These sites can be used at any time so feel free to dive in and go an an adventure with your inquisitive learners at home.
Useful stuff
Things to do
Cool sites to explore
This is what we've been doing at home and in school 

In Sycamore Class we love, value and promote

reading 'for all'


Books and reading forms a cornerstone of the educational offer available in Sycamore class. We encourage reading for pleasure as well as reading for necessity and every way books can be used in the in-between. Our end aim is to instil a lifelong love of reading in all of its forms. We believe firmly that this love comes from as many early experiences with books and stories as possible.


We have opportunities for teaching letters and sounds using teaching approaches that suit the needs of the children. We have sensory phonics groups, whole word reading groups and groups focused on ‘read write inc’ approaches. All children hear and engage with elements of each approach so that they have the opportunity to find an approach that suits their way of learning the most.