Sycamore Class-Remote Learning Offer

Team Sycamore Remote Learning Offer
During these uncertain times we understand that there will be periods where some of our children cannot access school. To ensure the gap between children accessing school and those who are not does not widen, we have adapted our curriculum, topics and resources to ensure pupils accessing remote learning can continue to access the curriculum and continue to make progress in all aspects of their learning. 
We understand that Sycamore Class is absolutely the best place for your child to continue their educational journey. However, we do believe that with our combined efforts that we can work together to support our pupils and help them make progress towards  their 'individual' targets.
If you are accessing the remote learning offer I will release a 5 day timetable the day after you request support.  You will be able to access this 'learning journey' via this page. Ideally it would be fantastic if you can complete every lesson on each day, but that will not always be possible. This is why the timetables will stay live on the website and will allow you unrestricted access if you need to re-visit any prior learning opportunities.
See below for a selection of previous learning-why not have a go at some of your favourites?
If you are accessing the remote learning offer we will use  via our Class Dojo page and  Microsoft Teams for a story or a good old natter.
Links to external sites of interest that will develop curiosity as well as support the remote offer will be hyperlinked on this page a as well.
If you think you might need any extra resources or help then pleas don't hesitate to ask
Thanks in advance
Scott and the Sycamore superheroes (a.k.a Mel, Adam, Roxy, Dave, Michelle and Nick)