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Remote Learning offer - Willow Class
In these unpredictable times, students may need to isolate and stay at home over the coming months. If this happens with your child then the information below outlines the home learning work, tasks and ideas as well as links to the curriculum in class.
The remote learning offer for students in Willow Class focuses on English and reading, Maths, PSHCE and well-being. It will also offer some materials linked to the driving text of the half term.
Our topic focus for this half term is Greek Mythology and we are learning about a different Greek God or Goddess each week. Information about Greek Mythology can be found on the BBC bitesize page and there are some related videos on youtube. Kath will send home some topic related work where necessary.
Willow Class make time to read together every day and we would suggest that children continue to share books and are read to at home. We also have a phonics session every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning. These sessions include mark making using texture trays filled with tactile resources, paint or pens. We also explore sound discrimination or sound bingo, where we encourage the children to listen to and identify environmental sounds, animal sounds or familiar characters, eg Disney.
Our Maths focus for this half term is number recognition and ordering from 1 - 5 or 1 - 10. We have also been exploring quantity based language, such as "more", "less", "lots" or "some". Maths games can be found in links further down the page.
In PSHCE, we have been focusing on rebuilding relationships with our friends, learning to share and talking about our feelings.
Email, Zoom and class Dojo will be used to communicate with parents and carers for all students. Email is the best way to contact Kath and the team or to share completed work. The team will aim to make contact with families on a weekly basis to those families who are at home.
Also, further down the web page, are the full list of activities and ideas which were shared during lockdown in March - September. These activities are still very relevant to the curriculum we study so can still be used.
Willow Class is a cross Key Stage class of 8 pupils who are "Bridging to Learn". We follow a Semi-Formal curriculum which has a strong emphasis on independent learning, sensory exploration and functional skills. Our teacher is called Kath and the teaching assistants are Carolann, Dave, Fay, Roxy and Steph. The Willow Class teaching team always join in with every activity, supporting the children's learning by modelling tasks and demonstrating effective communication.
Willow Class love to read and use our senses to immerse ourselves in stories. Exploring books through sensory experiences helps us to make sense of the world and our environment. This year, we will visit Ancient Greece, The Magic Faraway Tree and Alice in Wonderland.
A large part of our learning is through play and we have lots of opportunities to explore activities with one another. Shared play experiences encourage us to follow rules, problem solve and communicate with one another.