Work Related Learning and Enterprise Education

At Nancealverne we recognise the importance of developing the skills and abilities of each young person to enable them to be a active members of their local community and in some cases, contribute positively through volunteering or working in the future. 
As such we have a trust wide Work Related Learning Policy which enables all schools in the Special Partnership Trust to develop and work towards the same aims of enabling work skill development where needed for young people and throughout their school life. 
  • All staff will promote WRL opportunities throughout the school day which includes off site visits using all environments to promote pupil’s developing skills, knowledge & understanding required for people to successfully access the WoW – e.g. – discussing the role of builders when walking past building sites & the skills they have needed to learn which enables them to undertake the job etc, therefore, the delivery of WRL becomes immersive & remains immersive throughout the time pupils spend within our schools
  • Each school has a Long Term Planning framework for the delivery of their school-based scheme of work which will be formally delivered from KS3 acknowledging within this scheme if pupils have received their primary age education in another setting; as such these schools will ensure pupils have the pre-requisite skills to build on developing their WRL skills accordingly through bespoke WRL lessons
  • The SPT Careers offer will enhance the WRL offer utilizing the careers framework adopted by the Trust; this is further informed via the school self-evaluation & development of the Gatsby/ Compass outcomes
Schools will work with the Enterprise advisers allocated to the schools to identify WRL opportunities, using information obtained via the EHCP process where students aspirations/ interests are identified which ensure we use such information accordingly within their personalised school offer. 
Enterprise Education 
We recognise the importance of Enterprise Education for all young people, and regularly hold a successful 'Enterprise Week' for all classes to take part in. In previous years this has been linked to the Christmas Fayre and a competition to make and sell items for a profit at the fayre, as well as a very successful staff lunch scheme called 'Posh Nosh'. 
Each year the focus for Enterprise Week may change, but the principles of researching and running a business as well as increasing the scope for Maths and Literacy embedded learning are key to making Enterprise Week a success.  
At Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5, accredited learning linked to Enterprise Education is also in place and dedicated timetable slots for this learning at Key Stage 5 are also in place. 
Work skills are also developed through the following;
School Bank
Tuck Shop
Class Enterprise for Summer Fayre and Christmas Fayre 
For further information about our Enterprise links and Careers Programme, please visit the 'Careers Education' tab. 
A review of our current Work Related Learning and Enterprise activities linked to the curriculum across all key stages can be found below.