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Cury School Vacancies

Exciting News: Cury School Satellite Provision for Nancealverne School. 

Nancealverne School is delighted to announce the opening of a satellite provision at Cury School in the upcoming academic year. The satellite provision at Cury School will serve as an extension of Nancealverne's commitment to providing exceptional education and support to students with diverse learning needs. This expansion will include the introduction of a Head of Provision position along with roles for Social, Emotional, and Mental Health (SEMH) teachers. Interested candidates can find application details on the school website under the 'vacancies' tab or by following this link: Nancealverne School - Cury Vacancies 

This expansion marks an exciting collaboration and an opportunity to further the mission of both Nancealverne and Cury schools in delivering outstanding education and support to all students.