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Education Health and Care Plans

At Nancealverne we follow the guidance set out by the Local Authority and aim to hold annual EHCP reviews within 10 months of the previous meeting. We gather reports and key information from the teachers and other agencies and invite these professionals to the meetings.

We generally hold the meetings on a Wednesday in our school Hub. They are chaired by Andrew O'Neil, our SENCO with support from Zoe Regan, our EHCP co-ordinator.

Class teachers attend and share evidence of pictures and descriptions of the child meeting or working on their targets. 

If it is appropriate the children are also invited to the meeting to give their views on their progress or to contribute to their targets. All children complete a questionnaire that answers some questions about how they feel about school and their skills. This is a really positive and important part of the meeting.

The completed review paperwork is then sent home to families and emailed securely to professionals and the Local Authority within 10 working days. They will then check and authorise any changes or additions and then send the draft proposed amended plan to the family for agreement or comments. Once agreed, the EHC plan is finalised and another copy is sent to families. School then receive the final EHCP.

If you have any questions about EHCPs or the annual review process here at Nancealverne School please contact us on the contact information above.

We are always happy to help!

Andrew O'Neil and Zoe Regan
(SENCo and EHCP Co-ordinator)



Andrew O'Neil 

Zoe Regan
EHCP coordinator