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Headteacher's Welcome

Welcome to our school

At Nancealverne school we are committed to and passionate about the learning and progress of our pupils. Staff and governors have high aspirations for our children and young people through a broad and varied curriculum; highly structured; differentiated and personalised learning programmes. We provide a specialist; high quality and relevant education for young people aged 3-19 who have moderate to complex learning difficulties. This focuses on individual, personal and academic achievement-setting high expectations for all.

As a school we are also committed to celebrating all achievements and providing a wide range of rich, meaningful and varied opportunities- preparing our pupils well for adulthood and life beyond school. We aim to foster a love of learning, regardless of need, developing independence through inclusive and accessible learning.

Nancealverne school is part of the Special Partnership Trust, an ambitious and inspiring collaboration of specialist provision in Cornwall, with a focus on excellence in learning for everyone. We are committed to ensure that every child, irrespective of need or location gets the best learning opportunities possible. We believe in providing challenge and support in equal measure to our pupils, nurturing the talents and skills of all learners.

Ruth Carpenter, Headteacher.