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Welcome to our Recovery Curriculum 


At Nancealverne School we recognise the impact that the coronavirus (CoVID19) pandemic, the resulting lockdown and social distancing measures has had on the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of our school’s pupils, families and staff.  The intent of the ‘Recovery Curriculum’ is to prioritise the importance of good health and wellbeing of pupils, families and staff as fundamental factors in ensuring that our pupils can engage effectively with their learning.  In prioritising and planning for the key areas of: Relationships, Community, Curriculum, Space and Staff Wellbeing, the school aims to minimise the impact and allow pupils, families and staff to develop skills and understanding to manage and improve their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.  We intend to maintain physical distancing, whilst promoting social interaction. 








Health and Wellbeing (including staff):

The length of time away and the effects of social distancing means there is a need to restore thriving inter-personal relationships and friendships. Changes in the community and information that has been difficult to process means there is a need to understand our wider community’s response and anxieties and engage the community in the safe transitioning our pupils’ learning back into school and into the wider community.

The length of time away from a structured, education focused school environment means there is a need to offer clarity to pupils and parents /carers how we are prioritising gaps in learning over the lock down period.

Working with pupils and families to decide and highlight focus areas of curriculum related to time that was lost. Celebrate from home working.

The length of time social distancing will have limited social contact and expectation, this means there should be a consideration for children needing a space to process and come to terms with changes.

Staff have equally been impacted by the effects of social distancing during the pandemic and may have experienced, anxiety

Loss/bereavement.  Consideration should be made to support staff on their individual pathways back to work.


  • The school will work closely with families and pupils during the lockdown period, providing them with individualised support packages, educational opportunities and accessible information about changes and expectations.
  • Class groups will initially remain the same, to offer continuity and familiarity for pupils, family and staff.
  • Teachers will identify and indicate opportunities to implement the Recovery Curriculum within their class timetables.
  • PSHE curriculum skills will be applied in a cross curricular approach.
  • A TIS baseline will be completed for all pupils to support with identifying the impact on individuals.
  • Progress will be tracked using TIS Snapshot data and PSHE targets.
  • Whole school wellbeing, behaviour and reward systems with be used consistently
  • The school will consider and respond to the individual needs of pupil, families and staff and make adaptions where necessary.
  • Safe spaces will be identified throughout the school.
  • Changes within school with be clearly communicated to all.
  • Links with multi-support agencies will be used to promote health and wellbeing, including Social Care Services, Therapy services and CAAMS.
  • Staff wellbeing and professional development to be completed by October and reviewed regularly with line managers.
  • Regular planned opportunities for families to re-engage with the school.


  • Students will be able to re-engage with learning at an appropriate individual level.
  • Staff will feel safe and supported at work.
  • Students will re-establish relationships.
  • Students will make expected levels of progress.
  • Students will transition to next stage of their education in a safe and supported manner.

Please find attached our full recovery curriculum offer.