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PSHE remote offer

Welcome to our remote learning offer for PSHCE 

Please find resources, ideas for discussion and activities alongside links to topics currently being taught in your child's class. 

Class teachers will send home additional links to learning for your child to access throughout this time. 

The links suggested are based on the learning your children will encounter in class and are a great catalyst in promoting awareness and discussion. 

Please feel free to contact the class teacher to discuss areas of learning set. 

Many Thanks 


Living in the wider world and the world I live in. 

Links below can stimulate conversation and debate between you and your child and will support and link with work sent home by your child's class teacher.

As we know each child is unique and will have worked planned to suit their level of understanding and previous knowledge from class. If you wish any additional work in regards to our topics please email your child's class teacher. 

Primary classes PSHCE learning offer

This term we will be learning about; 

similarities and differences, respect and equality, positive health, including the dangers of medications and  understanding money. 

Printable resources and power point presentations 

KS3,4 and 5 PSHCE learning offer. 

This term we will be learning about differences and similarities with people, cultures, gender and religions. 

We will be identifying different careers and voluntary work we would like to do and how they help support our economy and societies today. 

Pintables and power point presentations