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Upper Evergreens remote learning offer

Remote Learning Offer - Upper Evergreens

The remote learning offer for those students in the 6th Form focuses on the practical application of skills, and putting into practice the learning from school in all areas of functional literacy, numeracy and PSHE. 

The work plans are structured around our awarding body, ASDAN and show modules of work which can take place in the home.

There are also links to online learning for English and Maths key skills.

Should any student in the Upper Evergreens find themselves needing to spend a significant period of time away from school over the coming months, then the information below linked to home learning can be used. 

How do we do this?

We will use  phone calls, emails and Microsoft Teams as a way to video call and keep in touch. I will also make contact with you to discuss how your son/daughter can best access their education. 

Teams calls and emails will be used regularly as a way to set, monitor and feedback about work completed at home as well as keep in touch and make sure we can see each other!

As a general guide, a daily Teams video call will take place at 10.00am and students accessing school as well as those at home can be part of these to talk about work set and have social contact with peers and class groups.

Work packs  will also be shared with those students at home each week. We can arrange for a work pack to be posted, emailed or dropped off at home and this will be discussed with each family on an individual basis. 

If you require help and support to set up Teams video calling at home, please let me know and we can support you. 

More information about the schools Remote Learning offer, and the PSHE Remote learning offer can be found by returning to the main page of the school website and selecting the tab 'Remote Learning' or by following this link

Also further down this web page are the full list of activities and ideas.  These activities are still very relevant to the curriculum we study, and so can also be used if needed.